Building Your Own CDI, Any Thoughts??

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    Hi All,

    My Boygofast HT 80cc lost its spark. After trying everything I decided to try and take the CDI apart. Not a good idea because I just broke it into pieces without really figuring out the circuitry. I know I am going to have get a new CDI, that's a fact. I am also going to get a new magneto as well to be safe. It sounds like I am not the first to have problems with the CDI and magneto. Because of this, there has to be a way to build/rebuild the CDI & magneto to make it more robust and reliable. Any thoughts out there??

    I found this link describing the building of a CDI. The info makes my head hurt but at least it's a start to figuring out this CDI. I Like this HT 80cc but the reliability is hit and miss. Admittantly I drove the snot out of it before the CDI/Magneto crapped out on Me. I went on a 100 KM/60 mile 5 hour tour riding. The last hour of riding, I rode it at 50km per hour (about 30 mph) to get home in a hurry. Not a good idea, because the next day it wouldn't start. I killed it!!!:smile:

    The weak points I see is the CDI/Magneto and the Clutch. Firstly I would like to figure this CDI out. Secondly, I would like to maybe retrofit the clutch with maybe a centrifugal clutch from the farm surplus store. These clutches are pricey (50 - 75 bucks).

    Any help is most appreciated

  2. HI,

    While I have not taken one apart to look at fist hand, I wonder how difficult it would be to rewind / rewire things in the engine to make it a 12V system with extra capacity (i.e. amperage) then it would seem that one could use more "mainstream" high performance motorcycle high performance ignitions....not to mention have more juice to run good lights....Kinda killing 2 birds with one stone....