can't get 70cc motor started

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by ArkSlim, Mar 8, 2010.

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    After 2 months of not running I can't get my motor to start. When I first put fresh fuel in it there was a leak around the top of the fuel bowl. Took carb, apart cleaned and checked to see if all parts were working properly . All looked ok. removed the kill swich and taped the end. At this point I was getting fire (checked plug on top of head got spark. Still wouldn't start. Emptied fuel tank,replaced lines and filter added fresh gas, checked wiring and found the conections loose cleaned and tightened the connections tried again to start "no luck" checked wires again appeared to be ok checked again for fire at the plug NO FIRE . Please help:confused:

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    Check solder connections at the magneto..some are known to brake. Solder connections instead of using those cheap connectors for the CDI wiring.

    Replace chinese plug and wire with quality US or Jap replacements. Cut white wire and ensure it doesn't ground out, its not needed

    if that doesn't work,
    Replace magneto...if that doesn't work, replace cdi unit. If that doesn't work, find someone locally who is experienced with small engines.
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    won't start

    Thanks for the advice I'm using nkg plug B5HS. I'll try your suggestions and will let you know. THANKS AGAIN