captain american chopper

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    here's a bike i built a few years ago i started with a schwinn stingray chopper bike and an old honda 110 3 wheeler and turned it into a cool little pit bike.The pics don't show it but the red and blue paint is retro metalflake.I made the tank out of fiberglass and made the forks longer using chromemoly will do about 40 to 45 mph and does some nice wheelies easily!!!!

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  2. hill climber

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  3. You turned that puppy into a motorcycle! I love the hand shifter!
  4. acro

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    glad ya'll like it i'm going to build a boardtrack type bike next
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    Boardtracks Yeah !! The way to go and keep the cops guessing WHAT it is.
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    way cooool
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    very nice looking bike. well motorcycle. just wondering if you have any instructions for making the tank? im thinkin about makin one for my stingray. thanks
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    In NH its an MB!! no mention of pedals but like all laws it is subject to interpretation.

    259:65 Motor-driven Cycle. – ""Motor-driven cycle'' shall mean any motorcycle or motor scooter with a motor which produces not to exceed 5 horse-power, and any bicycle with motor attached, but not including mopeds.

    (was looking for something else and remembered this little beauty)