carb air leaks/stripped cap

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  1. Okay so I have an air leak in my carb i know this because as soon as I pull the clutch in it screams like an unpaid hooker!
    I have change the carb.3 times my problem is I keep stripping the cap on the top of the end NT Carb the cable goes through.
    Being the dumb dumb that I am that caps not shaped like a nut so it's not meant to be tightened with a wrench, a pipe wrench once and a pair of pliers another time so I have more than one card I'm getting sick and tired of ruining my carbs and this trip so damn easy but they're very hard to turn with your finger and thumb.. so I ask you all can I remedy this, can I fix this, what should I do besides not stripping them anymore I'm sure that I'm not the first one to do this and I'm sure I won't be the last.. please tell me who has done this and have this prhoblem and what did you do to fix it
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  2. Sorry about all the typos in that last post I used voice recognition software I tried to unload all the misspellings in this quotes but I just couldn't do it
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    if you have a steel intake, they sometimes have a bit of chrome build up at the end - using a file held at about 45degrees around the opening where the carb goes on can fix this

    carb should feel nice and smooth as it slides onto intake
  4. No I'm fine in that area that part is right as rain. I have already filed it down and I got a nice connection right there
    The problem is where the cable goes through the little round nut that goes on top of the carburetor by the b. arrel.
    The problem is when I tighten it down I tightened it too much and it went past the threads and it bounced back up and instantly created a cross thrad on that nut that the cable goes through and connects to the barrel inside the carburetor.. I believe I even heard of the treads on the carburetor where that little round that spins on top that the cable goes through into the carb.
    You see that's where my air leak is a even tried putting Teflon tape around it and screwing it up before I eventually stripped it.
    I have already done this to two carburetors I have one left and I don't want to screw it up! Does anyone know how to remedy. Oral solution for me? I do not want to screw up any more tired but I don't want to put it on there and smother it with J-B Weld just to get a feel I've done that before
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  5. I feel like this tearing the entire engine apart just to teach you a lesson LOL
  6. Besides it doesn't read like I normally wouldn't normally early that you have you pull in the clutch and the engine revs very high.
    And so so very very quickly does it read above I mean it revs up so fast it's unbelievable well tomorrow is another day and I'm just going to grab another carburetor and put it together very carefully feel it up the best I can and put it out and see what happens
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    I just put that cap on finger tight AFTER being sure I have the threads well lined up.
  8. Well I really screwed the pooch on this one, or should I say TWO! LOL