Carb issues


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11:20 AM
Nov 16, 2023
New Zealand
Hey, I'm wondering if anybody could help me with hopefully a pretty basic issue. I recently acquired a 66cc 2 stroke. The previous owner complained about fuel leaking out of the carb. After watching a tutorial I figured out that this was a stuck float. I dismantled the carburettor, and in the process: removed the throttle assembly. I adjusted the float height to 21 mm. The motor now no longer leaks gas. On the other hand the motor runs far to rich, needs full open choke and full throttle to start and barely revs to a third of its usual rpm. I thought this was a throttle issue but after taking it apart and reinserting it a few times it still runs like crap. I think it is not the throttle and is carb related. I also cleaned out the carb while it was dismantled. Has anybody else had this issue?