Centrifugal centrifugal clutch adjustment

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by wan37, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. wan37

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    I got all my stuff back together from installing cen clutch and now I think I got the clutch adjustment to tight how would I know if it's to tight...thanks again

  2. motorpsycho

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    I'm not master at centrifugal clutches, but I would assume that if it;s too tight, the engine will die when you stop the bike.
    a centrifugal clutch should slip on take off, and then lock up once you get to a certain rpm or speed.
    you shoudl be able to stop the bike and the clutch should slip enough to where the engine will still idle, and the bike doesn't move until you give it throttle again.
    I'm not sure abou how the centrifugal clutches for these engines are, but I know that snowmobiles, mopeds, mini bikes and go karts all work this way.
  3. wan37

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    I know that it should slip. but I have not rode it yet ,I think it's to tight because I could push it before and hear the motor crank with clutch out and now I can't do that the back tire just slides,thanks motor if you now more tell me.The bad thing is I have to take the cen clutch off again just to get to the adjusting flower nut,and then spark plug so i can put the clutch back on...fun fun lol
  4. wan37

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    updated I went to pedal it and when I would release the clutch it would slow me down but no motor rotation from motor.I'm stuck here is the clutch adjusted to tight or what.I really need some help before I tear it back apart.thanks
  5. dennis

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    your clutch is slipping.. you have grease and gas mixing and draining n leaking down into the clutch you need to take apart n clean using break cleanner re inslall n try .
  6. wan37

    wan37 Member

    it was the Centrifugal clutch that I just put on I fixed it tho.thanks guys:D
  7. motorpsycho

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    ok then Dennis, if this is the case, (which it isn't) why is there gas/oil getting on the clutch to make it slip?
    cleaning the clutch will not solve the problem.
    if gas/oil are getting on the clutch, chances are that the crank seal is blown, or there's a major fuel leak at the carb, letting gas/oil to leak down and get behind the clutch cover.
  8. Al.Fisherman

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    What am I missing here.I thought you installed a centrifugal clutch?

    With oil/grease on the clutch pads, I would think it would slip, and not lock up the rear wheel.

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  9. cowboy1948

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    Hey You All. Got the same problem here. What was the fix?:annoyed: