centrifugal clutch bearing has died

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by iron_monkey, Jun 9, 2009.

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  1. iron_monkey

    iron_monkey Guest

    Just a heads up for anybody thinking of buying a centrifugal clutch kit, the one way bearing of my centrifugal clutch has died. The "one wayness" of it is mostly gone, sometimes it kicks in but most of the time it doesnt.

    Whenever engine is idling the bearing would jam abit and stall it, and then trying to start the engine again is a pain as the bearing hardly latches on.

    Disassembled it and can find nothing out of the ordinary though. Perhaps we should have reinstalled the spring holding the bearing casing when I somehow found it outside the clutch doing an inspection. Clutch was still working as normal though, then it slowly eroded itself.

    Bottom line, a bad design? Should have a normal roller bearing where the casing is permanently encasing the bearings instead of this primitive pseudo bearing.
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  2. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    iron monkey

    how long did that thing last ??

    local bearing store should have replacement -- or Napa Auto possibly ??

    ride that thing
  3. iron_monkey

    iron_monkey Guest

    lasted for six months.
    I highly doubt I can find a normal one-way roller bearing out there that has a suitable outer diameter, inner diameter, and width.

    The thing with this primitive bearing is that it uses grooves in the clutch casing, as well as the bearing casing, to position the rollers. (The bearing casing also serves to keep the rollers spaced apart). The bearing casing is only held on to the clutch casing by a spring (which spun out).
    Im guessing the (really small/subtle)grooves were worn out, as theres nothing wrong with the bearing casing or the rollers I can see.

    Im still not sure from examining it, what makes these bearing "one way". Somewhat magic to me.
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  4. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    I could be wrong
    but I am thinking that most use a common found bearing
    it's amazing what those bearning stores have !!
    or can order fast
  5. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    Absolutely....it surprised me just how many bearing & the diversity of bearing this store i tried had.
    Not only bearings but other neat stuff too..........it's worth a try.
  6. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    if fetor56 and I were to build our own engines

    if fetor and I were to build our own engines
    before getting started
    we would find already on hand ((common in stock)) bearings that will fit our needs
    not wanting anything under sized
    but at least up to our specs or larger

    this is way - way - way less expensive that having someone make special to size bearnings

    engineers when developing a product try their very best to use easy to find parts
    so as to hold the cost down

    thinking that even the Space Shuttle -- has ((not many)) custom made bearnings

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  7. lordoflightaz

    lordoflightaz Member

  8. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    in the old days the City would send me to pick up parts at these places
    seems Winn's Bearning was a very large store in San Diego
    wow -- that place had everyTHING
    one THING that I noticed while in there
    many large boats are docked in San Diego
    the one's repairing these boat THINGS
    have to repair some pretty complicated THINGS at times
    making their own new parts at times
    some of these boats are very old -- new THINGS often not available
    they seemed to find what they wanted at Winn's....

    ride that (((large boat))) THING ----- slide it sideways !!!
  9. iron_monkey

    iron_monkey Guest

    Thats quite interesting, so the spring is important to ensure its one way. But the clutch would work without the spring in my experience, and even one poster in that thread confirms this.

    Maybe I should try reinstall the spring back on and see if something magical happens.

    Also, anybody who has trouble understanding my description of the bearing can look at the large and comprehensive piccies of the clutch parts on that thread as well.
  10. lordoflightaz

    lordoflightaz Member

    I can't tell you if the clutch worked without the spring, I just can't pull start the engine. I have to assume it would though.
  11. POPS

    POPS Member


    With out the spring it will allow the bearing to have a mind of it's own and kick in and out when it wants to. It HAS to be preloaded to work properly...POPS
  12. iron_monkey

    iron_monkey Guest

    Yes it is the spring. Clutch is back in business after the spring is put back on (in the tightest config possible and the hook fastened to the clutchbell by wire so it doesn't fall out again).

    Still cant see it lasting very long if it continues to vibrate when it starts to engage though.