Struggling to start and get going


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3:46 PM
Mar 23, 2023
I bought a Chinese 80cc kit and put it on my bike

Was all fine at first went out for a few rides on it and had no problems at all until one day it started to sound abit weird when revving up, like a lawnmower or something it didn’t sound all there

I cleaned the carb of all the rubbish that had managed to get in (bits of sand etc)

Sounded okay again at first and went out for 5 minutes before it started to happen again , was really slow off the mark though but nothing wrong top end )would still top out the same)

Tried another carb still the same problem.

Tried to fire it in yesterday and it wouldn’t start and just started spitting fuel out of the exhaust couldn’t get it going at all

It kicked in today for 10 seconds sounded lively and then died, still spitting fuel

But when it is on and you rev it’s just completely boggy, barely any power at all

I’ve got spark, engine rolls over nothing wrong with the clutch

Any ideas that might help?
First of all, check the head bolts. Make sure they are tight. Do you see any oil around the top of the head? Then go though this thread and check your float height.

Then toss the janky kit plug away and get a NGK B6HS, or a NGK BR6HS if you have a bike computer.
Sounds like you're pumping fuel into the crankcase. When you choke the engine, pull the lever all the way up, then down 3/8".or 5mm. That gives it more air.
You'll have to make sure to get any fuel out of the case. By siphon, or turn the bike upside down, and let it drain out while turning the motor over.
Like Chainlube said, get an NGK B6HS or BR6HS plug. Lawn mower supply, a marina, or auto store will have them.