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    I wanted to share my experiences with these little engine kits. I havent really been doing this that long, but I purchased an 80cc kit off of ebay a while back. The kit had some very cheap parts. I was not impressed. I had several bolts break on me. The muffler was a piece of junk, the cap was welded on and the baffle broke loose inside. The clutch lever broke. Oh yeah, the engine blew up before it was even broken in! It threw the upper needle bearing and tore the thing apart. When I took the head off, I could see that the piston was raw unfinished metal and looked all burred and uneven around the edges. I remained unimpressed. When I began my search for a higher quality kit, I came across Chris Hill and his CH80 kits. They are a bit pricier, but they really sounded like an all around higher quality product. Everyone seemed to think it was a well built engine. I talked to Chris and he answered all of my questions and was a pleasure to work with. I ordered the kit and when I opened the box, I started noticing differences immediately. The first main thing I noticed was that the cheap and easily stripped Philips head engine screws had been replaced with high quality replacements. The plug wire was good actually real insulated plug wire and he also includes the NGK plug. The muffler baffle is actually removable for cleaning making it reusable and not a throw away. The throttle linkage has a nice metal guide which prevents the cable housing from having to make the bend to the grip. He also includes a 48 tooth rear sprocket in addition to the stock 44 tooth (if you want a little more torque...). Once installed, the engine fired right up without hesitation. The CH80 sounds a lot deeper and more powerful than my last engine (and that's with both mufflers. I used my old one for a short amount of time while I modified his one to fit.). I am still in break in, so the power has still been steadily increasing. Im in the process of tweaking and adjusting my oil mixture. Ill post some more when I have it all perfect. I highly recommend the CH80 kit. It is a high quality kit and Chris is a great guy to deal with. Definitely worth the money. Just thought Id pass it on so someone doesnt have to go through what I have...
    Everyone ride safe out there, bendix brakes are unforgiving.
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    i also have the CH80 and try to tell everybody about it it is a good motor i put mine on and it started after two turns of the peddles it has not let me down and Chris is good to work with he will help you any way he can i also want to plug Jim at sick bike parts with his jackshaft kit and Chris's CH80 what a combo my bike rules.