Chain to belt conversion for REAR DRUM Use

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  1. Im thinking of taking on of my engines down to the local auto and marine and converting the drive output shaft to BELT.With a Belt hoop instead of the Rear sproket youd have clearance for disk/Drum/ DRUM for me fron and rear I mean isnt that a goal for anyone please be true OH yeah its mineHEH. Well Investing in a spoke roller for lacing front Drum Sturmey Archer XFD's onto my Builds. So the rear Drum isn't a must for every build but Itd be a nice option.

    So I need to find some rear mounting Hoops for the rear wheel.

    I also will need the belt sizes of Whizzer drive belt Incase I cant fabricate the rear wheel Drive assembly. HELP WANTED!
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    Can you buy belt sprockets on the Whizzer site?
    Maybe you could use a 20 inch wheel rim for the rear sprocket.
    A shift kit may be the only way to keep the drum brake if you can't work out
    the belt drive.
    My cruiser that I want to motorize has a nice Shimano roller (drum) brake on the rear that I would love to keep using. Cheers
  3. Sheave

    Hi Hot Dog, well, the Whizzer uses ax or 4l or A type belts.

    Easy deal, Whizzer Dealers, like myself, should be stocking them. I do not think you'll be sucessful with a bike rim, because they would need flat belt!

    V-belt basic technology is thatthe belt actually grips on the 2 sides, flat-belt works lying in the bottom of the sheave.