chainsaw motor or weed eater motor.

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by joshga, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. joshga

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    Will a chainsaw or weedeater motor work on a bike that is chain drive with a 20inch tire

    thanks for the reply

  2. Tinker1980

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    Are you asking if you can put a chainsaw or weed eater engine on a bike, *using* a chain drive? or are you saying you want to put the engine on a bike that has a chain drive from the pedals to the back wheels? Every bike I've ever seen has a chain drive for the pedals, so I think the answer to that question, can I put a chainsaw or weedeater motor on a bike, is an overwhelming yes. If you want to do a chain drive from your motor to your back wheel, you'll need a fairly large sprocket, nearly the size of the back wheel.
  3. joshga

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    ok well i am changing my mind on the motor and going to a pocket rocket motor. this will neeed a smaller gear right.
  4. joshga

    joshga New Member

    I have some more questions. If i took a weedeater motor or a chainsaw motor of around 30 cc"s and used a friction drive setup would it work properly and maybe go around 30 mph.
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