clamshell adaptor from livefast motors

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    I saw this adaptor advertised, it looked good to me, has anyone tried it? What do you think of it?
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    Yes I Used Search

    HOW MANY? SEARCH AGAIN with no matches found must one get so it is ok to reapeat a question and not be told to use the search?
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    yes I saw that one

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    • CE's adapter is made of aluminum (as is livefast's adapter,) and uses 5/16 inch bolts, I believe. 5/16-16 bolts in 2024 aluminum should be torqued to a max of 80 inch-lbs / 7 foot-lbs. (I don't know what aluminum alloy that either CE or livefast uses for their adapters, though.) You should check with the vendor you choose, to verify the alloy and/or the maximum torque allowed for both the clamp bolts and the sprocket bolts. (I believe that livefast uses smaller bolts, but more of them, on his design, so the max torque on his aluminum clamshell would probably be less.)

      Just add a drop of loktite to your bolts, and snug 'em down to no more than the recommended torque.
    • You would also need to buy one of CE's sprockets to fit, or drill 3 new holes holes in your existing sprocket. (Note that the cost of a mount AND a new sprocket from CE is about the same as livefast's adapter...)
    • There are two bolts on the clamshell adapter that hold the two halves together. The images below are from CE's site.

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    Thank You

    Thank you Mr Loquin I think I like the one you have best. Does these make it so I dont have to reform the coaster brake lever I hope?
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    You shouldn't have to...

    The pic below (from CE's website) shows it it use on a Schwinn cruiser with coaster brake. Not clearly, but you can see the end of the coaster brake arm and its clamp.

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    Thank You

    You all are so helpful. I wish I had internet on my laptop I would have a great file of building TS notes. But I am happy and greatful to have this limited connection, you MBers have armed me with info to where my dream is possable. THANK YOU ALL!
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    I'm about to install one of these aluminum "clamshell" hub adapters (with a 56-tooth sprocket).

    Should I put anything between the adapter and the hub, like a thin sheet of rubber? Or is it standard to just install these adapters "metal to metal"?
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    Creative Engineering's adapters are machined 'to fit' your specific hub - no shim is needed, or should be used.

    I believe the livefastmotors clamshell adapters come with rubber shims, as they are much more generic in nature. (and as a result, less 'precise.')
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    Which hub adapter do you have?
    Where did you buy it from?
    Is it made by Manic Mechanic?
    What hub are you installing it on?

    If so it is very important that it fits precisely with no shims.

    The instructions are here
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    I have the claim shell.. I myself can't get the wobble out of it... I plan on getting an adapter from pirate cycles....
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    Hub Adapter

    If anyone is running a Schwinn, Huffy, Worksman or La Jolla 26" coaster hub you should check out the Howard Adapter. It's a Rock Solid piece. No one that has used it ever said anything bad except it's a little bulky. It IS a Solid piece of metal. Sgt. Howard of this site should still have some for sale. You will not be disapointed. A couple of people on this site are using it, so check out what they have to say about it. I've been running one for a couple months with NO problem.
    Big Red.

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