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    Ok. So Ive recently has an idea to put an engine on an OCC chopper bike i bought 5 years ago and don't ride. I have a 5hp Briggs and Stratton engine. I was planning to mount it onto the frame via custom made mounting bracket that i can quickly weld up and make it so ts bolt on and removable. But now that i think about it. I need some sort of clutch that i can use so it will start. But im not sure what kind of clutch i could rig up, because the original plan was to take the sprocket off the back wheel and weld on a belt thing so i can run a belt from the engine. Does anyone have any idea on how i could do this?

    I was thinking possibly something that would like A belt tightness pully thing mounted on the frame that would disengage from a clutch lever on the handlebars and once it started i could simply put the pressure back on. :confused: