Please help!! 4 stroke centrifugal clutch

The color of the powder that I'm getting is black, it's a black fine powder. I'll wipe the bushing and black stuff comes off of it. I have to lube the clutch tonight so I'll take pictures of everything and post them when I can.
No, ACE can't help you there. Just call the machine shops in KC and ask them if they can hone a 5/8" bushing if you bring it in. Your biggest issue might be a minimum charge for their time because it'll only take 'em a minute and a busy shop might not be bothered with such a menial task. If that turns out to be the case find a place that does brake jobs and see if the have a brake cylinder hone that will go down to 5/8". Ones that small might only have 2 stones and the accuracy is dependant on the person doing the job. This would be a second choice. Choice three: buy a brake cylinder hone from an auto supply store and do it yourself. You'd be guessing at the clearance, which a lot of us do. LOL
In post #78 today you said "it struggled to keep running". The clutch has nothing to do with the engine running smoothly or not, unless the clutch is trying to engage to soon and dragging the RPMs down to the point of stalling.
Does you engine run smoothly from idle to full throttle? If not, you might have two problems.
Does it look like this?


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View attachment 204987I have the same engine and kit and would like to also know how to convert the clutch to a bearing instead of a bushing. Otherwise, with regular greasing, it works great. Also, I am sure it is the 79cc Predator or a similar clone, it’s very reliable after a new carb and valve adjustment. Sounds cool too, like a little motorcycle.
What carburetor did you get to replace the original?