Coast to Coast and back



:) how about a real long ride 7000 + miles anyone up for it ? :)

lets hear you
tell me what you think


My 17 year old son and I are in the planning stage of a ride from San Dieago to and around Florada, north up the eastern sea board, then west accross the US Canada boarder to Seatal Washington, and south to San Dieago.
I've always wanted to do something big , but I'm trying to think up something that will make enought money, to make it happen.
I dont want to get rich from it but just enought to cover the trip maybe 35. to 40. a day


I will definately join you, if you do this by summer of '08, I might be able to have a few other people come as well, what would be needed, besides money and tools.

a little info such as, what do we do in case of a engine break down? do we have a backup vehicle following or anything, spare anything? where to sleep? it sounds awesome, really, but planning is crucial.


Hey you are more than welcome to join us Joe,we'er looking at leaving around the 2nd week in march of 08 and we'er looking at camping out most of the time,as far as parts for the bikes and motors we'll carry most of that with us,other stuff if realy bad breake down my wife will overnight parts to us .
we'll have cell phones ,laptop and some small comfort stuff with us.......I've got 16 people and companies so far to sponser us a .10 a mile with the final outcome of the money(- the money need for the trip) to be donated to a homeless shelter for single mom's
Also we are planning our trip route to stop by members of MBc along the way

PS you've got to train for heavy riding my bike I'm going to use with the trailer loaded tops out at 177lbs ,my son's is just a little less than that


loco, I noticed you intend to run along the US/Canada border. If you happen to decide to dip north of the border and get anywhere near my place, I'd be more than happy to put you and your son up for the night and give you some grub. That really sounds like a fantastic ride....I wish I had the time to do something like that.



GO, you never know what you would miss. My friend and I started to Alaska on Honda 90's in 1968, one of us fell down and cut the trip short. 2008 makes it 40 years later, our kids found out about the story and are trying to get us to start again, I don't know, but my buddy already has a 66 Honda S90 and is looking for one for me. What do you think? Honda is interested and Cycle News has a spot ready to fill. The kids want to put web cams in the bikes and log the trip, so you can follow. I will be 60 soon, I don't know if I can sit on one of those bikes for 2700 mi. It was easy when I was 18, I could get a big seat! Hermosa ca to Alaska, Oh well have fun, Dave

PS: They want to start in the front yard of the house we lived at. ABC News, I think we need to get permission from the people that own it now.


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Aug 4, 2006
If you come down the coast of California before July '08, I will probably still be in SLO. You should stop by for a night! Dunno if you will be round the central coast by then. I graduate in June '08 and I don't know how much longer I will hang around down in SLO.


If you guys manage to make DFW part of your trip, I'll be happy to fill your tanks and tummies and find you a good place to sleep.


oh my god !! what a trip! you guys absolutely imulate the true spirit of adventure of our ancestors on early motored bikes! when i was a lad we lived by the sleeping bag & siphon hose to make it form one place or another, on various scooters of questionable ability. but we didnt care as long as we were rolling ,the chicks dug us anyway i think?