Coast to Coast and back

Jan 10, 2008
Hey Loco,

How are your trip plans coming along? If you pass through the Washington, DC area, plan on getting some rest and a tune-up while you are here. Man, I wish I could join you.

Good will be awesome.



dude i read in an earlier post, about webcams, i know its not you but you HAVE to do somthing like that or a day by day video log or somthin, that would be sooo cool, that'll be the 1st thing im gonna do when i turn 18, since my b-day is july :) if you have the files, ill offer up my hard drive, i have a 750 gig to be like a server or somthin, i would need help though, cause i never did that before (im a nerd/biker lol)
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Jan 27, 2008
this sounds like an awsomw idea and i would be ridin with ya but unfortunley im only 17 and sure being gone for weeks on a motorbike would not leave the parents comfortable. but i definitly am planning to do something as fun as this soon that would be so much fun.


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Feb 16, 2008
I have thought about and looked into this myself be careful about Alabama and Georgia
As they consider anything with a motor on it a motor vehicle so you need a tag and motorcycle dl endorsement Florida is okay .


Feb 24, 2008
It will be fun to follow you through the ride, we will need a day by day report of progress. When you get near LA I will get out and meet you for that portion of the ride. I am fighting Cancer now and I might add winning, this has kept me from a few things lately. I also see things in life differently for sure. There is a saying "God gave us memories that we might have Roses in Winter" Your son will never forget the quality time spent. Have fun, Dave

PS: Think of all the grand people you will meet, and friendships started.

I second the "blog" idea.
Take along a laptop or a blackberry or something you can post from and have the administrators of this site set up a section for you to post your daily adventures.
Would be a great piece of reference for anyone planning a similar trip in the future.

BTW, in case no one's aware, one of the first, if not THE first, transcontinental trips across the country by internal combustion engine was in 1903 on a motor cylce (would be very similar to what we're riding).
A guy named Riff Addams celebrated the centennial of the event by making a similar journey in 2003.
I've been reading about it. Fascinating.
Anyone interested, here's the link to his website -
Overview of the 1903 ride and rider.
Riff Addams' centennial ride.

Can also be linked from The Adventures section of The Whizzer website.

Go for it, dude!
I, for one, look forward to reading about it.

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I think your referring to our own, Uncle_Punk13 ! :D

Yes! He comes on the boards once in a while :LOL::LOL: