cobbled bike



I began about six months ago cobbling bikes. I started with a mountain bike that lasted about a day, then went back to goodwill.

I bought 26" huffy that I re-learned to bike with. I liked it but the pedals were a real pain for a fat man. They seemed to be too long. So I bought a twenty inch kiddie bike at the thrift store for four bucks. I used the chain to replace most of the rusty chain on the huffy. I used the crank and pedals to give me a little more leg room on the top stroke. Yes I have to pedal more but it was okay. I was out for exercise anyway. I used the kiddie handle bars because they were monkey hangers. I liked them because they are far out of the way.

Then I went electric with a homemade friction drive. I bought a schwinn step through aka lady's bike. It is 24" and hasn't had a lot of use.

Now here is my quandary. I have decided to go gasoline. I would like to cobble together the best combination I can for the bike engine. I am thinking Huffy frame (it could be used in Iraq to detonate the ieds) Front wheel from the huffy as well. Crank set from the 20" kiddie bike. Rear wheel 24" from the schwinn to cut down the speed and add hill climbing torque.

Wonder if anyone has any thoughts to help me with my dilemma.

Also curious about the 26" huffy rear wheel. I wonder if i can fit it onto the 24" Schwinn frame.