Considering Lifan engine: 50cc & 3 spd & CHEAP

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  1. $200 Lifan 50cc engine + 3 speed

    The idea of 3 gears and the low price got my attention, let's see if these specifications get anyone elses attention..:D

    Site that sells these:

    50cc Engine Specs:
    Type: 4-Stroke single-cylinder OHC air cooled
    Bore & Stroke: 39 X 41.4mm
    Compression ratio: 9.0 : 1
    Displacement: 49cc
    Max. HP: 3.0 HP @ 7,500 RPM
    Max. Torque: 2.0 ftlbs @ 5,500 RPM
    Carburetor: 19mm Walbro Standard of Japan
    Idle: 1,500 RPM
    Starter: Kick Start
    Spark plug: A7TC or NGK C6HSA
    Plug Gap: .28 or 0.6-0.8mm
    Ignition system: CDI
    Lubrication: Pressure / Splash
    Oil capacity: .8L (10w-30)
    Measurements: 17" x 10 1/4" x 8 1/4"
    Weight 41 Pounds

    Clutch: Unicycle Shift Auto
    Gears: 3 speed

    Magneto: Permanent magnetic
    Voltage: 12 Volt
    Engine: Has charging coil

    There is also a 70cc rated at 5.3 hp @ 9,500rpm
    and larger engines...

    Although this kit may be on the heavy side of things, and in some circumstances it could be considered a motorcycle. I wanted to see what the community would think of it. I think this engine would be ideal if there could be a frame designed to house the engine, and still have room for pedals :)
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    gonna move this into the parts area...but, sure you can post the link :)
  3. Nice but looks pretty wide / heavy for a regular bike....
  4. I think that Whizzer strength components would be enough to hold up under the 40lb engine weight.

    BTW, thread updated...
  5. Gears are a no go for a moped here in michigan, just not considered a moped with them.
    I'm cooking up what looks to be a monstrosity with a CVT that I hope works but, well IDK, we'll see.

    OK, I hate to admit this but I have a chinese 200cc motorcycle and so does my wife and they run fine even though she still has the stock (pushrod), somewhat off brand engine in hers still and I put a lifan 200cc OHC in mine.

    A true lifan will have the lifan name cast into the casings and the lifan symbal on every bolt.That last engine on that site is what I put in mine and it runs great.(EBAY-under $400 shipped) I still have the perfect running stock engine also.

    That little engine your looking at would work well but it is wide and there are bigger sized engines that are pretty much the same size as that, I also think you can get them in manual as well as the automatics.
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    these motors are huge!
  7. Haggard

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  8. Yes. I see a bicycle in that 50 cc engine. I see a hand shift connected to the left but curved just above the engine and either between or slightly above the bike frame so you can hand shift with the right hand while the left hand holds the clutch.
    I see at least a 50 tooth rear sprocket so you can pull wheelies and yet maintain a top speed of 55 mph in high gear. I see a wide pedal crank that just clears everything. I see a chineese happy time exhaust pipe.
    I see the old folks down the street saying "That boy has some screws loose" as you pass them by...
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    :cool:seems like an engine this size would fit nicely in a stretch cruiser.

    however, if you intend to use this 41-pound anchor, ya might as well opt for engines that weigh the same, but make more HP.

    like that 70cc engine on that same website. it produces 5.3 HP, has the same dimensions and weighs 16oz more than that LIFAN 50cc engine.

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  10. A stretch cruiser so it would clear the pedals..yes. Then a sissy bar. Twisted forks,twisted handlebars.....
  11. dave1490

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    ya it,s heavy and wide,you get around the heavy factor by lowering the motor in the frame{make own downtube}better far a wide is id get the biggest engine with the same size{might as well make it worth your wile}.i also see broken spokes remember it has a trany the torque will be mulipled.
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    I would bet that having a 3-speed transmisison would boost the effectiveness of even a 50cc 4-stroke immensely--but yes, it's probably not going to clamp on to a regular bicycle frame.

    The way I did the bike I'm working on right now has the engine under the seat (more or less) and the pedals pushed way forward. It would look more "authentic" with the engine forward, but if you're using a rear coaster brake you want to keep your feet on the pedals, and having the pedals closer to the seat is not as comfortable to ride as having them pushed way forward.