Correcting transfer angles, bearing upgrade, and case stuffing

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If you have a harbor freight near by I'd suggest you pick up a handful of magnet trays. Those are the best when trying to keep track of bolts
Yeah just don't get the small tray because then things will want to stick to the magnet on the bottom because it's weak inside the bowl on top and when you go to set it on something like your gas cap for instance all the Lil bs stuck to the magnet on the bottom gets in the way from it making good contact with the gas cap then all your precious Lil parts go splash all over the floor.
I realize their are some members that dont want to sacrafice their squish. So on a seperate piston i ramped the entire circumference of the top of the piston that way you can keep your squish band and still have the same effect for Port timing.

I installed that piston and I'm happy to say that I gained 1mph up top. so yes ramping the Piston is a good mod but ramping all the way around the crown is even better.

some may say that will weaken the piston but it does not because most of the pressure is focused on the center of the crown not the outside edges I'll run this piston for a while and report back with how it holds up.