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    Hello all
    I would like to know if any of You have a Huffy cranbrook cruiser?
    I ask because I'm married witch means a strict/small budget btw it's the cheapest cruser wallmart caries in My area and I would like to know if it can take the stress of a frame mount motor I'd like to find out now rather than at 20-25 mph:1eye:

    Thanks in advance
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  2. im sure it will hold up to a engine since many people have used those with a engine.
    if it has a front fender make sure to reinforce it or it will vibrate loose.

    i have a scwhinn del mar cruiser and i payed $99 from walmart.
    when i was there they also had a huffy for $89
  3. amiga65

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    Thanks cabinfever.
    I saw someplace on this site where someones fender came lose. Looked like a bad spill in the making.
    I planned on using lock tight on all bolts on bike and motor.
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    I have a Cranbrook and can tell you first hand to secure those fenders! I had mine fall off and almost had one heck of a ride. I am one of the lucky ones. As far as the rest of the bike is concerned, it is working out pretty good. I will be up grading soon to a new bike. The Huffy will still live on though.

    Just as a precaution, make sure to always check your bike over before every ride. Look for frame cracks, fenders loose, loose chain, tire leak or damage, nuts and bolts are tight, and so on.... Don't think accidents and breakdowns happen to "other people". And remember, if you get stuck during you build, or if you have trouble down the road, just stop in here and ask.

    Have fun riding! (and being mobbed by people wanting to ask you questions! :D)
  5. you need to drill out the ribets on the front fender and replace with a small L bracket and bolts(its not the bolt that comes out its the bracket that vibrates and breaks off)
    and then the fender comes loose and you dont want that.
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    THANKS Guys, this is not just good to know, but need to know
    My thinking was locktight and a pre check. Thanks a lot You ju8st might have saved Me a headach or worse. I'm sorry if I'm a pain but this is the info I'm looking for most of all.

    Thanks Richard
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    I just bought a Cranbrook Cruiser a few days ago and am going to use a friction drive kit on it. I obtained mine for only $84.00 as they were on sale. Very nice bike as far as I can see. Good heavy steel frame, good welds, etc. I have read here that we should upgrade the wheels to a heavy steel wheel but I don't really know if this is true or not.

    I have removed my fenders. The steel on these fenders is so thin, they were moving all around with just me pedaling and no engine yet. From what I see, this should be a good bike to get started with. (I hope)

  8. BAM

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    its beeen a good bike for me about 600miles no problems did take fenders off becarefull with the coaster brake went down hard couple of times lose gravel new top speed 33.2mph good luck with yours
  9. Pirate88179

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    Thanks for the reply. Good to hear about your 600 miles. I am also adding a front caliper brake on mine for better stopping ability.

    Ride safe.

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    I have this engine on my new bicycle. My first Cranbrook I had to return to walmart. I had some DEFORMED rear wheel hub that I could NOT fit a sprocket onto for the life of me. Also the rear wheel was very hard to get off, the frame was "pinched" tight around the wheel studs and I spent an hour prying the frame to take the wheel off. I returned this bicycle to walmart and got another Cranbrook.

    This Cranbrook had room on the hub for the rear sprocket and the rear wheel came right out of the bicycle frame like it should.

    Only issue I have right now is my chain rubs slightly on my rear wheel. It may need centered a bit more.

    Tomorrow I'm going to reinforce the fenders and add a front BMX caliper, but so far the bike is awesome. These things look sweet with the fenders, jsut have to make mine safe!
  11. Pirate88179

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    Funny you should mention this. I love my "womens" version of the Cranbrook Cruiser. I did notice that while the front wheel had no run out, the rear wheel had one place that deflected about 1/4". I trued the wheel, took me a while, and now it runs true.

    I also have a clicking in the crank that I have no idea what is causing this while I am pedaling but, this was an $84.00 bike so, I guess we have to overlook some deficiencies. The frame welds look solid and the bike rides great. I have not put my motor on it yet as I am waiting for funds to buy the mount kit. (BMP)

    I have been around bikes long enough to know that you get what you pay for. But, I am happy with the solid base that I have and later can upgrade certain things, as money is a problem right now.

    I may tell you something different later after I install my motor but, for now, I think this was well worth the money.

    Be safe on your bike. I am glad to hear that this bike is OK for an MB.

  12. Pirate88179

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    Cranbrook Cruiser projet completed

    Here is a video of my Cruiser project completed and first test ride.

    This thing really runs nice man. A lot of power and good mileage.