Crankshaft damage right out of the box!!

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    Great surprise today...after three weeks of plating, painting, and tweeking, I took my bike out for the first time today to start the motor. No start. Not even anywhere close to starting......

    Checked spark....very sporatic with no regular rythmn of timed spark. Pulled mag cover and voila! loose nut on crankshaft, deformed lock washer in bottom of case. Pulled coil, then rotor.....nut- finger tight....semi stripped theads on crankshaft...woodruff key magnetically attached to back of rotor.:shout:

    Looks like it got by QA. Now what?

    Bought the engine (Grubee 66 GT4) from devrou on ebay...wont return emails, or calls.

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    That blows...If you paid by paypal..file a complaint, usually it freezes up the acct until it is resolved. Try his website or his personal e-maill cant remember if this forum has a vendor review but if it does give your review, and on other forums that allow it. It really sucks that some dealers are like this, grant it the kits arent that much money but it doesnt mean you didnt work hard for it.
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    That sux... but in all honesty these engines are not known for their quality control.

    paypal is your best bet.

    In the future, there are great vendors here that are honest and have a feedback system that you can reference. If something goes wrong, at least you have a place to hold them accountable.

    SSGSPOD New Member

    Thanks guys..

    I opened the paypal dispute with the seller, I've tried to call him all day, and I've emailed him.

    Now, after three weeks of painting, metal fab, scratch-built LED lights, aftermarket parts (Thanks for the clutch roller RON) hex head bolts, 36 tooth sprocket, etc etc, how to get everything into some semblance of completion.
    Is there anyone out there who can be trusted to provide a powerplant that is reliable?

    My bike is patterned after a 1907 Matchless TT1; with period pinstriping, grey metallic paint, reproduction decals, slab tank, and even a false sheet metal crankshaft pan attached under the engine mounts.

    I really love the looks of this bike...I want more than a static 1:1 model.
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    Well... now You have to post some pics!!!

    SSGSPOD New Member

    Check out my album "1907 Matchless TT1 Semi-Replica".
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    I bought my beater engine from devrou. Not the best communicator, but he usually makes good. To be honest that whole end of the crank is garbage. I would just reassemble and go.

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    Here's a few during the building process.........

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    If I resize the crank end, and retap the threads for a smaller thread nut, would the steel in the crank hold up?
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    I have a used flying hoarse with barely enough miles to be broken in.... I took it off my white schwin jaguar because I am upgrading to a gx50 and shift kit. I know it runs and was broken in with a 16:1 echo 2 stroke mix.

    I usually don't sell my stuff but if you want I will sell it to you cheap... only because you had all the other stuff ready to go and your engine crapped before you got the first taste.

    SSGSPOD New Member

    Thank so much... I'm going to give devrou a chance to make good first. I'm very interested in your motor though.
    Can I get back to you later?

  12. give me vtec

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    no problem, the engine isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Hope everything works out for you.... just let me know if you end up needing it.
  13. Pablo

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    It's possible, but it would be so small.