Cut out at high speed



My bike starts cutting out at top speed at about 32 the bike acts likes someone is tapping the kill switch, and it is not me. reves up pretty good then kind of bogs down. does not do it at low speed though. I turned that screw on the side of the carberator in a turn and tried it then turned it out a turn there was no difference. Maybe that pin needs to have the little clip moved up or down?
Sounds like it's running lean. I'd check for air leaks....intake , carb . and head bolts.
what color is the electrode on your spark plug?
Try putting a rubber "O" ring in the carb before you put it on the intake :) Sometimes air leaks in thru there. :) I have heard that putting petrolium jelly where the trottle cable goes into the carb can help also. 8)
the electrode is the bent tip on the spark plug, by looking at the color , it will give clues to how your engine is running
I use the o-ring trick and it works well...the carb doesn't seem to push onto manifold far enough to clear the slots under mounting clamp otherwise
"bogging" at WOT

Hi, IF all else is well, IF no air, vacuum, or other problems, then main jet is too small, that's why we made bigger ones, Mike

Thanks for all of the ideas. I will try to work on some of the things as soon as I get a chance.