Dax 70 cc motor diagram?

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Hi all,
I have been having a problem like the thread : http://motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=6239&highlight=power+loss but I am having this clicking noise, sounds more similar to a metal blade ceiling fan spinning very fast, and then someone taking a metal stick and pushing the metal stick into the spinning blades (imagine really fast loud metal clicking) It was doing this when I get up to 29.5 mph and over, but only when I let off the throttle. But I could speed all the way up to 33 before the engine sounded like its rpms were getting too high. Now, I get up to 31.2, and the rpms get real loud and all of a sudden the motor loses power, like someone yanking off my spark plug conector. I saw this thread from Ducky and he was basically having the same problem as me, only i am having a loss of power at the high end. SO I want to open the motor up and check that wrist pin thing, and the piston ofcourse, but I dont know how to open the motor up, from which side, and am afraid that if I open it up, something might fall out and I wont know where it goes. Does anyone have a diagram or instructions on how to open the motor up and where everything is?
Take the 4 Nuts off the top of the engine and it will all come off (HEAD&CYLINDER), The piston will slide right out of the cylinder. No Need To worry If you just want to check the piston /cylinder/rings/needle bearings/wrist pin. Thats all you need to do. Hope that helps.
i opened the top part up but all there is, is a hole where the cylinder im guessing its the cylinder, and the piston but there isnt anything esle to take apart. How do you take the piston out?
several hundred. Probably close to 500. Ive been ridding it hard since the mid/early summer. What happened to urs?
i was pulling at 15 mph easy then tap tap tap just died and pulled th intake manifold off to discover a hole, then i looked further to find it was a big crak
Maybe this will help you out


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This is getting a little confusing. I am checking underneath the piston, right? But once I unscrew the top 4 nuts and slide the "cylinder" off the screws, the piston is sitting in the hole, and I cant just grab it and pull it out because there is noting to grab on to.