Dax's Wait?


You can reinforce those tires and wheels, grease the bearings....

Go by the Goodwill, look for little carrying cases for your traveling tool bag, maybe a school backpack. 8)

Read those opening hints so you cut the learning time in half, the installation hassles even more. :D

Post a picture of the bike you plan to use, then you can update the intallation as you go along. :D

Post a MAP down in the traveling section, so we can see your future traveling area. :cool:

Or watch the calender. :???:
I'll rub a little salt in it for ya'....I got my first kit IN FOUR DAYS!!!!!!!!
The second one came in 14 days. I don't think he "makes you wait", he just ships every 10 days, so it depends on when you order.
The last engines I ordered from him were over a year ago. The website at the time said 7 to 10 days for delivery but it took almost a month. During that time the website went off line and the phone number was not in service. Thought I was out $400 but the engines eventually arrived. Lately though I ordered a part and it was shipped promptly.

I also ordered from Dax over a year ago. I had a few reservations at the time because the website changed while I was waiting, and the kit arrived slightly damaged. IMO, Duane's good people, he's very helpful and prompt when he has the inventory 8)

I have an quick solution, asking if you and three or four others might try it out on their build. There may be 200 newbies hit us in one month if gas goes to $5, and we can get a buddy system up for newbies, then you could help someone else in a few months when you understand the thing (which you will)..

Howaboutit? :?

How bout this idea for people who come to build their VERY FIRST bike.

Similar to the PICTURE GALLERY. Like Chopper, he's a good sport. He could have come on, known where to get our translation of the instructions, double checked others, and we would have known OIL right off the bat.

For instance, we know at least 5 folks who are about to start. SliceDice, those people waiting for Dax to get to the post office, your ShowMe buddy with the lemon bike in St. Louis......

They could start a thread in MY FIRST BUILD, in the SUBJECT line they put the engine type/vendor. "70 cc "

We can see "who they are" as author of the thread, edit the subject for clarity.

They can post pix ahead of time, get the bugs out of the bike/frame, then we follow them through till they take a ride and holler whoooooo-hoooooooooo..

That way all these loose things that belong to that one bike, can just be added till there, transfered to a whooooooo hooooooo moment, enter in the Bike of the Month contest, take a long trip, etc.
yeah thats a great idea!! I was already talking to abunch of guys about building some and I think there will be many more with gas prices. So you guys should definatly set that up :D Id be happy to help!
As a waiting on DAX hopefully soon to be a first builder (looking for a bike while waiting) I would appreciate any and all help an idea like this would be !!!