Dear Tom,

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by cooltoy, Mar 15, 2008.

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    Dear Tom,
    As you know, there are some terrible things going on on this site and I was hoping that you would let us know how you feel about this situation.

    To be honest with you, I feel out of place even writing this letter to you because you have never asked me for a penny and I feel that what you decide to do is none of my business.

    On the other hand, I've tried my best to be a team player and can think of at least 10 members that I was able to help out.
    This was such a friendly place and you opened up a world to me that I never knew of. I can still remember my first visit here, seeing all the pictures of members bikes and being thrilled to death. For that I thank you.

    To show my thanks, I always pointed out your site to the many people that asked me where in the world I got this motorized bike of mine. Today was one of those days, I just got back from a ride and again told the man to go to Motoredbikes dot com.
    I'm not sure if I can do that any longer, today I did it as an automatic reaction, without thinking, but next time I may pause and ask myself if I should send them here. That is sad.

    I realize that "Thanks" or "words" don't pay the bills, I understand that concept very well. It's just too bad that, if true, you seem to have sold us out. If paid memberships would help solve this mess, so be it, I will send a cheque made out to motoredbikes, in care of " dog"- the guy who never slept!

    Please understand that I feel like I imagine I would feel if I woke up one morning, to find that my bike had been stolen, it's a real creepy feeling.

    I myself would really be thankful to you if you could at least deal with this and let us know just where you stand. It's too bad that this is the first I'd ever heard of you since finding this site. Stuff happens in life, we deal with it
    and move on. I hope we can do the same.

    Respectfully Yours,
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  2. Zev0

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    CoolToy, I must admit that I do not know who Mike is. But I echo your sentiments exactly. Tom, who I guess started this place also needs to be brought to task, as I understand he has abandoned the whole place.

  3. azbill

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    tom is out of town on a snowboard trip (no internet access)
    I don't think he realizes what has happened yet
    I have as many questions as any of you
    I have been answering a lot of 'wtf' questions, but I can't give info I don't have :(

    please bear with us till we can sort it out

    btw...who is the mike this post is referring to?

    tom = owner
    augi = (ex?)admin
    srdavo = moddy
    drimpact = moddy
    azkronic (myself) = moddy
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  4. butch27

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    Man: I'm lost on this one.What just happened?
  5. cooltoy

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    Sorry, I meant Tom, If you can fix it that would be great...I'm blushing right now
  6. Mike is here

    HI I'm Mike! And I'm pretty sure that he didn't mean me. (tongue planted firmly in cheek)!

    I dunno what the exact problem is, but have pieced most of it together. I seem to have been able to identify the participants.

    I've been real busy selling, building, and even repairing theft recoverys of Whizzers. And also dealing with the effects of the weather on my 05, and wifey's 05 Whizzers that, sadly, live outside on the Patio.

    Hopefully the problems will die down, and life will once again grind on, as it seems it always has done.

  7. Tom

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    Thank you.

    I am going to fix this, no body needs to panic.