DH builds?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by troyg, Dec 22, 2015.

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    I've seen the thingos called motopeds, but they seem to be more motorcycle then bike, has anyone built an MAB from a stock DH bike, with their tiny triangles?I'm dying to do one but haven't the foggiest where to start, other than the horrible up front cost of the bike alone.Any ideas welcome.Thanks.

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    This has got to be the best:
    But here are others:

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    Too funny, I saved those exact pics. The top pic is a 100% complete home built frame, that's out.The others look like more vintage, and that pipe set up, no thank you!Do drops, bend knees, burn knees bad.
    The bike I intend on getting is a production, more modern 2008 Giant Glory DH, outside a modified GEBE I don't see any room for engine, electric or otherwise.No matter, they are beasts, and if I can't motorize it, I just sling it down hills.

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