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    If I were to try to measure the displacement of my engine, what would I measure, the diameter of the cylinder and what? The length of the stroke?
    Let me know if you can help...

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    Displacement is: Piston area multiplied by the stroke,for small engines usually expressed in cubic centimeters or cc.,one cc equals 0.061 cubic inches,or one cubic inch equals 16.4 cc. One cc. is one thousands of a liter.For instance a 50 cc. engine has close to 3 cubic inch displacement (50/16.4 ) or 0.05 liter.Typically an engine produces around 0.05 HP per cc.
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    Thanks for the info, I just figured out that I got burned. Got sold a 50cc instead of the 70cc that I ordered. ****!!! I wish I found out about this site before I ordered from a certain person.
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    is this 'certain person' in tuscon?
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    Yep, you guessed it, Tuscon it is. I will never deal with this guy ever again.
    And again, I wish i knew about this site before I ordered, because there is a lengthy thread about him already.
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    Yeah, I was gonna keep my mouth shut but I want to warn everyone again,
    He offers stuff for sale that he does'nt even have in stock and then sends out smaller motors hoping no one will notice.
    Reminds me of some dirtbag hippie on the street slangin fake doses, just to make a buck.
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    Dunno about fake doses but i do know about Bryan baby....seems like both are best to be avoided.
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    Sounds about right to me.
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    whats this deal he offers
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    figuring displacement

    bore times bore times stroke times .7854= displacement so bore being across the cylinder , stroke from crown of piston from the piston being all the way at the bottom and how far it travels up to top dead center some precision tools are needed but it can be done with simple tools it just wont be as accurate but very close depending on your ability and how you do it,if you do your measurements in inches you can convert your final number to centimeters by multiplying it by 16.39 then your inches will be centimeters