DLH Saf Clutch Issues

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Recently I inherited another builder problems with his bike and I need your help!

After the saf clutch assembly the crank shaft just spin freely at all times. Causing the engine not to turn over when i release the clutch lever. It's a budget clutch from DLH. I have tried everything in his assembly videos besides replacing the crank shaft thats used for the bucking bar and between the two bearings.

The gear for the clutch basket is tight. But even with the plate installed and lbs of pressure fromt he springs and plate The plate ALWAYS spins. Now when i try to ride and let go of the clutch the bike won't start. I tried contacting the douchbag that sold me the bike and he blocked my number and won't reply back to my texts. When i came to his house to purchase it. He had SAF material on his workbench as though he fixed it before i came.

Now i have ripped a shaft out of another motor that I couldn't get running. Followed DLH online videos for assembly. Just haven't installed it yet? Has anybody else had these issues? What will work? This is for a Minarelli build and I'm seriously thinking to refvert back to stock spring assembly. DLH has you rip out the enternals including the spring. Makes no sense why this would work anymore!
So here's all the eternal hardware, bar, clutch bucking bar and bearing are in the crank shaft. One issue I've noticed is that it doesnt hold pressure after screwing in the bar from the crank shaft all the way in. The bearing and bar for the clutch arm side are cut just to size to make the clutch lever perfectly aligned straight to the cover and case.
Bucking bar with the bearings just spin freely regardless of how tight the spings are screwed down. The only other thing i can think of fixing this was to replace the clutch shaft and case bearings with others laying around. Both case bearings are seated deeply.
i think the bolt isnt letting the clutch plate hit the pads full even though they look compressed
I think the bucking bar is too short and the bolt is seated too high. I'm going to try to correct it and let you know how it goes