Does my motor need to be mounted lower?

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by ChiefGeek, May 21, 2013.

  1. ChiefGeek

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    First build newb here, and wondering if this motor needs to be mounted lower, or if this is fine? Also, the tube is too big for the standard mount. There is a plate that came with it, and a U bolt. I'm wondering if I need to unscrew the mounting bolts from the engine in the front, and then use some shorter bolts to attach the plate, then U bolt to the plate?

    I haven't heard or seen an answer to the question, what height and desired angle should a small bike motor be mounted? Should the head be horizontal to the bar the tank mounts to? Should the carburetor be level in the mount? If you have enough room for different heights, how do you know where on the up post to attach it? Thanks.

    (see pics)

    mountpic2sm.jpg mountpic1sm.jpg

  2. sawdust

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    can you show a pic of the rear mount?,,tks
  3. sawdust

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    most carburetors run best when they are level..but will work at a angle most of the time.
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    Mmmmm, Well, you can mount engine anywhere as long as carb is level & chain alignment is straight!!!!!!!!!!!!~
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    Thanks all, I did lower it. Had to grind off a nub on the downtube from where I took off the water bottle holder. I also replaced the mounting bolts for the front, and replaced them with regular bolts. Then U bolted the whole mess to the front tube. All's well that ends well!