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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Neufcruz, Feb 6, 2016.

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    Has any one used the dual intake? Do you have to run dual carbs or could one be fitted with another filter? How hard woul it be to tune 2 carbs and would there be any advantage/ disadvantage? I think it would look pretty cool.
    As on one of my other threads, I'm having issues leveling my carb with my reed valve on. Looks like this would stick out far enough for me to either bend the tip level or make a small adapter to level.
    Come to think of it, if the other was only a filter, wouldn't that be equivalent to a intake leak since its post carb?

  2. mrbg

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    You're having problems with one. Why would you want two
  3. HeadSmess

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    touche. ;)

    because these days, as long as it looks "pretty cool", practicality can kiss someones hindquarters?

    it was only an advantage having twin carbs on bikes like the XR200R... they had massive intake ports, and at low speeds, if you tried opening up just one BIG carb all the way, suddenly, it would stall as the air speed through the intake tract slowed down, the venturi would no longer work, and they would no longer shove any fuel into the air stream.

    they also only had one of the carbs adjustable.

    then someone invented the CV carb and all those bogging problems caused by massive intakes vanished... (efi also gets away with it as theres no need for a venturi but then... volumetric efficiency takes a picnic, because, believe it or not, a small intake can flow MORE than a large intake. air has momentum. a simple demonstration is to suck some dust up in your vacuum cleaner, then remove the hose at the machine and watch as the dust flies out the hose... the air needs speed to build momentum, and once flowing...keeps flowing. the bigger the hose...the slower the airspeed, the less momentum builds up.)

    not really an issue when the intakes only 16mm, but if you REALLY want to put two on there, like someone else did, ill be just as happy to shoot you down in flames as well :)
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    Please read post before smart ass remarks. I having issues fitting 1 carb and getting level. That dual intake looks long enough to stick out and could bend to get carbs level. Even mentioned using only 1 carb and a filter or blocking other.
    It's a mute point I hope as. I went and purchased 2 universal mounts, hoping I can use these and move engine around just enough where I can use the small stepped intake yo get my single carb level.
    Thanks Headsmess. The vacuum analogy makes perfect sense.
    You have to admit it would look pretty cool with 2 carbs sticking out each side!
    I hope this idea works or I'm out another $50.
    Thanks for the advice