Electric bicycle



Let me get this straight those electric bikes spooky tooth sells have batteries that charge themselves with the electric motor? You do not have to plug it in to recharge it?


It doesn't recharge fully . . .

and it's onthe when you pedal or coasting,
basically anytime the wheels are turning and the
throtle is off then it's regenerating at a rate of 30%.
Which means every 3 miles you pedal you regain 1 mile of battery.

Here's Spooky's explination:
Hub Power Regeneration on the other hand, is something like
regenerative braking except that the hub does not regain power
only when the electric bicycle is braking, the hub also regains it
while coasting. The Hub Power Regeneration system is built into
every 36 volt Spooky Tooth hub motor kit. The hub motor is
regenerating power any time the wheels are turning and the
throttle is not in use. If you coast or pedal for 3 miles, you get 1
free 'powered' mile given back to you through hub power regeneration.
Or take another scenario. Imagine running out of juice in the batteries
and you are forced to pedal a weighted bicycle. Because the hub is
regenerating power while it turns, 1/3 of your pedal force is immediately
transferred back to you through power in the motor. As long as the
wheels are turning, the motor will never turn off because of dead

hope that explains it . . .