electric trike converted to gas

Discussion in 'Motorized Trikes' started by jdsidecar, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. jdsidecar

    jdsidecar Guest

    Saturday a man pulled up to my shop and said he had heard I had some motorized bicycles. He really enjoyed looking at them. He proceeded to tell me about an old trike he bought that was electric and he converted it to gas. He later returned with it on a trailer on his way to a show. I did not have my camera with me so I went by the show and took a couple of photos. The picture does not do this trike justice. It is very unique and well built. It has a 3hp briggs with a CV drive. The owner is 71 years young and would like to know if anyone knows who built these electric trikes originally. He does not own a computer so I am posting this hoping to find some answers.

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  2. gone_fishin

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  3. jdsidecar

    jdsidecar Guest

    It use to be blue in color. The John Deere theme is his custom work. The fiberglass cover is original. Thanks.
  4. DougC

    DougC Guest

    That looks like a Lilghtfoot Cycles trike.
    I'd like to get one for normal (non-motor!) riding, but they want a fair pile of money for them, $2500+. There's nothing else being made like it--at least in the USA--and anything similar from Europe (assuming there is anything similar from Europe) would cost $300+ just for shipping.
  5. srdavo

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    what a cool trike....tough looking wheels!!
    I need to look under the hood!! :)
  6. azbill

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    dig those back brakes !!!
    what a cool trike :D
  7. jdsidecar

    jdsidecar Guest

    The next time I see him I will get photos "under the hood" The detail there is also impresive.