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MBc EDIT: elfdowney, a new member who's been VERY patient with our free messageboard software, has asked me to post this for him. apparently he's able to logon and lurk, but he can't post. so, let me introduce you all to elfdowney...he can read your replies but can't respond...

I guess I'm the most recent newb... I'm a old retired cop... live in Jacksonville, FL... into backpacking, kayaking and been a bike freak since my early teens... my current ride in a Burley Canto recumbent... was going to install a 600 watt e-assist front wheel, but couldn't figure-out where to store the 1000 ft extension cords when I'd stop :D ... while net surfing, I stumbled into the Spooky Tooth site, looked at some pic's and got hooked on the Black Racer model <looks like a broadtrack bike> went to their links page and wound up here... gotta wait for the next pension check (got injued in the line of duty 10 years ago) and I'll have a new ride in my stable... been contemplating a cross-country Southern-tier trip but was worried about the "hills"... problem solved!!!... now, if I can just find someone to help me with a 1920'ism looking sidecar I can take my white pitbull/? mix partner with me <hahahahaha!>

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elf, please bear with us...it's obvious you're dedicated to getting involved, we'll figure it out.

welcome to the MBc 8)


Welcome to the madhouse! :D
There is a bit of everything here so do look around.