Engine sputters and dies

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by taylormade93, Dec 27, 2014.

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    Hi guys,

    Done a ton of reading through the forum but have just got myself confused,

    yesterday my dad and I replaced my handlebars (as they were dodgy) and we put a new spark plug in (NGK b6hs) because the other one didn't look the best.

    However when I was riding home I could ride for about 1 km before the engine would sputter a bit and die, then the engine would be extremely hard to get started again it would turn over but have no power. Then when finally getting it started same thing would happen.

    Today I had the same issue - ride about 1 km then sputter and die.

    I've inspected exhaust - doesn't seem to be blocked.

    Also looked at how the fuel is flowing, (I took off the fuel tube which actually snapped just above the filter so it is useless now, anyone know where to get replacement in Australia??) and the fuel trickles out but when I loosen the fuel cap it comes out a fair bit faster.

    Do I need to buy a new cap or?

    I have had this bike for a week and the amount of problems vs ride time so far is very frustrating.

  2. taylormade93

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    drill a little bitty hole in the cap. that's the kind of thing you might have to do when you're dealing with Chinese quality control.

    Don't worry about replacing the petcock, as long as you have the inline fuel filter you'll be fine
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    Don't like the sound of drilling a hole in the fuel tank to be honest. Surely you can just purchase another fuel cap and it'd be sweet?

    Petcock isn't what broke the gas line coming out of it and into the filter is what broke. Might be able to get a spare one of my dad's bikes but wonder what stores would have the tube going into a filter thing.
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    I've had to drill several gas caps - drilling down thru top is easy - drilling in thru side looks nicer, but is harder - both ways work.
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  8. butre

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    it's the same, but the problem is they're all made in China and there's a fair chance that if you order one it'll come without the hole. the cap you've got is supposed to already have a hole in it
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    You can buy a new fuel cap and fuel line from Screaming Roo over in WA, it's also free postage anywhere in Oz. If you need just the fuel hose you can get any length you like from Repco or Autobarn.
  10. KCvale

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    I don't know what tanks you are using but for 80 some kit builds all my caps self vent and without a hole.
    There is a rubber washer and spring it there that self vents via pressure.

    If you some no venting cap then you can tap a nipple into it and put a little hose out so you don't end up with a fuel covered crotch.
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    Does it run ok with the cap off or the same?
  12. taylormade93

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    Haven't tried yet, need to get new fuel filter and tube which I will do tomorrow - hopefully my local autobarn stocks it. Then will give it a go.