Engine does not work


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Jan 29, 2024
Hello, i got the 110ccm Kit and the bike ran for about 10 minutes and then all if a sudden, it wouldn‘t turn over anymore.

I already checked the basic stuff like spark plug and enough fuel, but there are no signs of anything that would cause the engine not to turn on again. It is probably the Spark-Timing? How do I check that and how can I adjust it?

And I also hear a bit of a hissing noise when compression, so there is air coming in/out where it shouldn‘t.

But since I already know much about those kit‘s, I know that this less ,,false air“ shouldn‘t be a Problem for it to run.

Sometimes it fires out of the carburator. But i can exclude the carburator in general from the Problem because I switched it with another one and Both won‘t work. Can it also be the positioning of the engine that is has to be facing the ground more when installed, so that the fuel-air mixture can enter the combustion chamber more easy?

Thanks for helping
The 110cc kits are some of the worst kits you can buy, absolute trash. I don't know who recommended you buy these but you might as well buy a new engine unless you want to take the cylinder to a machine shop and bore out the cylinder and add a new sleeve and do all your port work. The power is extremely underwhelming and the engine is very low quality to say the least. Edit: I recommend you keep all the parts except the engine and buy a engine only to save money... try this engine if you want a quality engine:
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For $199 you might as well buy the Avenger 85 from California Motorbikes. It's basically a Phantom 85 v1-2 without a sticker. 50MPH out of the box. Different manufacture and popular in the Phillipines. Phantom 85 V3 cost $300-320.
I believe he meant.. "was Deutschland für uns bereithält." or "was Deutschland geplant hat."

This is one of those situations where the words and their meanings have a disconnect. "in store" in English (ex: They had something in store for us.) Doesn't have a direct meaning in German. So to do a proper "translation" you would say "prepared" or "Planned."