Engine does not fire up (ignite)

Success…… after a lot of elbow grease sanding the head and the cylinder base. It was the lack of compression. No vacuum being created in the vacuum chamber to pull in gas.
Before you go crazy sanding
Mark up the cyl head and cyl deck sealing surfaces with a black sharpie pen , When you rub on sand paper and plate glass check your progress, The black sharpie marks will be removed and showing any low spots When all the black sharpie marks are gone your work is flat
That’s what I ended up doing.


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That’s what I ended up doing.
I don't think it's done yet, Cyl deck is still low on the exhaust side

If you think it's done, Flip that cyl upside down on plate glass and see if you can slip a .002" feeler gauge between the cyl deck and glass, IF you can the cyl deck isn't flat enough

Yeah, the engine will still run with a head gasket leak , but not very good