Stolen Everyone In California!! Stolen Bike!!



hey guys, i run avian cycles out of alhambra CA and we built motorized bicycles

i have one right now that we were trying to sell. here are some pictures

very very distinctive!!! it was stolen some time last night from my house in Rosemead CA. the locks were hacksawed off... if anyone sees it for sale PLEASE notify me, my number is 626 233 2893, names joseph!

the bike was under a tarp behind a car inside of a open carport on a very calm street, no one ever drives down here.... so its weird becuase it must be someone i know who knew i had the bike........ and yes i would have kept it inside but my apartments do not have garages and no other inside storage...

please call me if you see it for sale anywhere in CA or if you see it on the street

its all flat black with silver pinstripes down the middle and Avian cycles on the gas tank, it also has a full leather seat and handlebars...


Why do people have to do that carp? I really hate thieves. I really hope you get it back. Good luck. Don't forget to keep checking eBay and CraigsList.

What a shame, that bike is beautiful. I really hate thieves. Thats got to be easy to spot, I doubt the thief will be buzzing around your neighborhood. I imagine a thief would be a bit bolder in CA than in FL. Unfortunately in CA, you cannot step outside with an assault rifle (or even own a kewl one) and blast criminals on your property. If I see it in Florida, I'll run over whoever is driving it. We have got to stick together, right? ;)
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Sorry to hear, In CA the most you can do on your own is hit them with a Prada hand bag. Anything else and the theif can sue you and win.
Ill keep an eye out in nor Cal.
I'm on the SF bay area craigslist bike section every day.

That really sucks.

put a post up on craigslist about it, complete with the pics. I'm willing to bet all the parts and pieces will be chopped off and sold though. There have been a record number of thefts of bikes here in the Boston area of bikes. Even here in my city which is considered very safe ('cept my side of town ;) there was a recent theft of a bike.

thieves suck.
what is beverly MA like? i dont think ive been there. i was born in lawrence, which is arguably the crack cocaine capital of the world i think. very nice place.
one side of beverly, along the ocean is all upper class multi-million dollar homes and is really nice. The other side, near the tracks, where I live, is blue collar and considered "not-so-nice" But then I live less than a mile from the nice side of town and ride my bike over to the beach so I consider it nice. I grew up in Maine and after college moved to Lynn... Which I would argue is the crack capital of mass.

I love my ghetto. I know my neighbors and no one is snotty.
im from medford and ill say lawrence and lynn are both crack capitals of the world.. and i know medford is a huge heroin place now.