EziRide Cycles Sydney Australia.Starfire Dealer

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    I am now working as an agent for EziRide Cycles in Sydney Australia.
    We carry a full range of Starfire motors and spares.We can mail a motor to anywhere in Australia at a very reasonable price.

    EziRide Cycles can fit a Starfire Motor to your bike for $200.00 plus the price of the motor.

    We sell completed bicycles ready to ride from $600.00 for a 2nd hand bicycle with a new Starfire motor and new bicycles with a new Starfire motor.Let me know what you want and I'll let you know the price.A deposit is required for all custom builds.

    Please ring me on 0423-903-055 or email me at PoweredPedals@hotmail.com if you have any questions.


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    Gday, well i'm wondering where abouts in Sydney you are located >?

    Also do you have a website, and do you stock parts ? especially smaller sprockets :D
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    Our factory is in Artarmon near North Sydney.
    Sorry we don't stock the smaller sprockets.
    I haven't finished the web site yet but it should be done soon.