fear the air leak! new people to the frame mount 2 strokes must read!

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    i hear aot of questions regarding poor performance from owners of the "happytime" kits.
    these are generally the cheap kits you get on fleabay from distributors who sell em as fast as they can without any serious efforts to rebuild.

    the intake manifolds outside diameter is a shade too big to fit into the carb properly (as far as it will go on!)

    last night while searching for my throttle sticking problem i first pulled the plug, since its still breaking in the plug was abou right but a tad rich so i moved the needle up a notch (2nd one from the top)

    while reinstaling i noticed that i had 4 2mm long airleaks all around the carb! tried pushing it on farther and it wouldnt go, i got out the rotary and sanded down the manifold so it would fit, and then cleaned it out with wd40 and a bath in soapy water to remove filings.

    when i reinstalled it i was sure to use some permatex sealer all around it before reinstalling the clamp, im sure the throttle problems are solved and the power will be there. i might even have to play with the needle a bit more.

    this post may be in the wrong area but i figured piutting it here would be best so new guys dont ruin their engine, or body.

    ride em!