Jackshaft freewheel on a jackshaft? no clutch necessary?

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    I don't use my motorbike as much as I'd like because I'm afraid of what happens if I break down and have to go somewhere important, like work. Even with clutch engaged the drag on my happytime really limits biking more than a mile or two and limits the speed to pretty slow.

    I got to thinking, and I think the sickbikeparts shift kit could fix this. On the engine drive side of the shaft mounting a freehub body to hold the cog it would solve my problem. This would allow the engine to drive the jackshaft, but pedaling the bike would only spin the jackshaft, the freehub body would freewheel and not drive the chain to the engine, allowing actual bike riding. Is this sound logic? Freehub bodies generally have 10 mm allen flats and threads that vary by brand, seems like with a little fabrication one could be mounted to a jackshaft. I guess a bmx style freewheel could also work. Of course, this would also require a pullstart, pedal start would be impossible.

    Before I jump in an order from sickbikeparts, am I overlooking a glaring error? Perhaps reinventing the wheel and someone else already discovered all this? Sorry, if this is in the wrong section, maybe frame mount would have been better. Anyway, thanks in advance!
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    Get a centrifrugal clutch. All of my current SBP builds have one and it is worth very penny.