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    if u need to grease your bearings on your friction drive they make a grease injection neede for greasing sealed mine from autozone.hoped i helped someone.

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    could a moderator put this in rack mount?sorry.
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    helps them to last a long time....

    thanks for reminding me

    I had one of these years ago before the fire came through
    I am going to buy another one
    my rack bearings could use some grease !!!
    helps them to last a long time....

    ride that THING sideways
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    real good advice, its easy to get behind on maintainence.
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    for people who dont know.the needle slips between the rubber and the dont try and poke the needle thru the rubber.just thought i better ad this.
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    a little off topic but i could use a tip regarding how tite to set the roller/drive into the tire...thought i had it and then i rode it again and everything is covered in fine black rubber dust...1st time i think i had it to tite cuz it had no power
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    1/8 inch to 1/4 inch max tire deflection seems to work best for me. Keep your drive tire near its max rated pressure. I run 55-60 PSI.
    If you have a quick release lever for engagement make sure to screw it in enough. If it's too loose/easy to lock then the roller will eventually lose pressure on the wheel causing lots of slippage. Too much deflection also makes it a mother-effer to get the bike rolling. Can't be good for the bearings either.

    Thanks for the tip on the greaser eastwood. I don't really feel like replacing mine so I'll pick one of those up to keep my rigs happy.
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    Out of curiosity do u guys release the pressure of your drive roller contacting the tyre at the end if the day.........i'm guessing it doesn't make much difference over a short period if time?
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    usually yes fetor

    usually yes fetor -- roller off the tire after riding
    as we know we sometimes forget
    thinking that if it is left on one place on the tire for a long time
    couple of days or weeks
    might not be the best ???

    I like my roller adjusted only to the point where there is no slippage
    anything more than that slows down the machine !!!

    ride that thing sideways
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    loose as possible with out slipping.
    i never do.been riding mine for years.
    your welcome :)
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    these are truly used for

    these are truly used for
    going directly into the little hole on jerk fittings
    have you ever had a jerk that you could hardly get the grease gun on ??
    that's what these are for
    they just insert right into the little hole...

    after I used one years ago -- I loved it !!!

    as far as being used to slip between the rubber seal -- why not -- I am going to try soon

    ride that thing sideways
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