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  1. billy

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    Hello, My name is Billy Fletcher and I've been building and riding motorized bicycles for about a decade now and I've used this forum as a reference for about as long. I figured it's about time I introduced myself and start participating.:beatnik:

  2. Anton

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    Hi and welcome long time lurker! :jester:
  3. billy

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    RE: Welcome long time lurker.

    Thanks Anton.
    Here's my latest build for anyone who's interested...
    SSPX0218.jpg SSPX0219.jpg SSPX0221.jpg
  4. PhilH

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    Cool ride!:likelots:
  5. Purple Haze

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    Nice looking bike, love the custom tank, and is that a cup holder? If it was mine, I'd get the dual pull brake lever, that left side looks kinda crowded. Welcome to the forum. My nephew lives in Overland Park, so I go there quite often. Hope to see you around.
  6. billy

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    Yes that's a cup holder! I've tried the dual pull before but found I had less delicate control when it came to braking on sandy or salty asphalt during winter and spring riding. I built this bike from the frame out using an aluminum Skyhawk G2 frame which comes with an integrated tank. The Industrial Blue powder coat finish was done at Rodger's Powder coating in Olathe, Ks. and used industrial wheels with 10 gauge spokes. 66CC Skyhawk engine, Flying Horse high flow carburetor. Built with an eye to saving weight where possible it tips the scale at 51 pounds with a full tank.