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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by daveet66, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. daveet66

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    I was riding yesterday my fuel filter stays full and bike kept bogging out I put 4 oz of oil in a gallon of gas don't know if I mixed it right anyone have any suggestions on what the problem could be?

  2. Nickledyme

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    I used 8oz for each gallon during break in and after that I've been using 6-7oz roughly. I would say u need more oil to the mix but it also depends what kind you're using as some oil is thicker/thinner. During summer I like things to be richer so my engine runs cooler but I'm just starting out too. Hopefully this helps.....
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  3. jaguar

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    the full filter means the supply of gas from the tank is flowing but you can have a little trash clogging the main jet in the carb which would greatly reduce engine power or kill it
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  4. 074KU

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    I am no expert.. but could this possibly be bogging from running to rich as less oil now means more fuel? try leaning 'er out (and keeping an eye on your plug.)
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  5. velzie

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    At what part of the rev range does it bog? If you engage the choke at idle what happens? How much smoke is coming out of the exhaust?

    First check that your jet is not clogged, there is fuel is in the bowl and your fuel shut-off is open. Then check for air leaks (if you are not sure where to check, search this forum). Also, look up conditions of running lean vs running rich. Match your symptoms to these conditions and follow the instructions to correct the problem.

    My engine currently runs: rough at low rpm, great at mid and high, until it bogs(4strokes) at WOT. I believe this is because I am running rich (stock main jet). Note - my exhaust header length is quite short for my expansion chamber and will affect my low rpms.
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  6. daveet66

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    I just took it out always choke it it started right up then I push down choke left it running come back out it was dead and now it won't start
  7. velzie

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    Run out of gas?

    We will need more info. Search the forum for the no-start guide.
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    I'm no mechanic

    Yeah I started messing with it now I screwed up the throttle there was thread shavings in the carb I don't know if that had anything ti do with it but throttle cable is messed up now
  9. daveet66

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    Tell you what my bike has 60 miles they are fun but not reliable I have spent more time working on it than riding it
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  10. Fabian

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    That's both a true and false statement.

    It's a false assessment to say that they cannot be made to be reliable, which is relatively easy with aftermarket parts.

    A true statement is that these motorized bicycle engine kits are a lot of fun (when they are working properly) and it's also a true reflection that they "WILL" have you spending countless hours upon hours working on and maintaining your bike.
    My maintenance schedule has improved drastically to around 4:1 (4 hours riding - 1 hour of maintenance) but in the early days (prior to the 2 years of pain and heartache to get my bike running reliably) it commonly operated at 1:1 (1 hour of riding - 1 hour of maintenance); but there were many times when it would operate at 1:4 (1 hour of riding - 4 hours of maintenance) causing me much grief and heartache.

    Having said that even at the worst level of reliability, my bike outshines the business end of any relationship i've been in with a ratio or 1:16 (1 hour of riding :evilgrin: - 16 hours of maintenance, at a best case scenario; requiring heavy expenditure consisting of outrageously expensive jewelry, stokingly expensive perfume, flowers, trips etc) and in hindsight i'm probably underestimating the ratio.
  11. 074KU

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    All 100% True.. You also get faster at doing the work, some regular work I do on my bicycle now looks like a 1 man pit crew. 1:16.. yeah I found it to be more like 1:32 or worse.. Maybe its just me tho.

    Like having a regular woman of ill repute living in your house..
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