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    O.K. I searched and can't find. I'm looking for a plastic (polyethelyne) see through gas tank to mount on my BMP friction kit for anyone familiar with said kit. I would like to find a rectangular tank that I can mount on the side of the channel opposite the motor. All I'm looking for is a tank. I'll have the mounting bracket fabricated. I would also like one that holds at least 2 litres of gasoline. O.K. That's my specific request, however beggers can't be choosy. Any info about after market fuel tanks anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated ! I've searched this forum, eBay and the internet and have found nothing. Yet !!!!
    Thanks !

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    I also have a BMP kit.....this is my tank from TheScooterGuy.Doesn't leak a drop even when absolutely full;holds half a gallon.
    The new tanks like mine are 2 tab,not 3.
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    Check at your local lawn mower repair shops, most folks who work with their hands never throw away a good part if its reusable.
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    Thanks for the replies guys ! I'm going to try and hit a couple of local shops tomorrow. I found one on eBay that I'm interested in. I like to shop around and see what my options are before purchasing. Again, thanks !

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    If anyone else reads this and has info, please post !
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    Is that your bike in the photo ? I inquired about that same tank earlier today wanting to know if it was flat on the back side. The people I talked to couldn't tell me. I just realized it doesn't matter. I can fabricate if it's flat or rounded. Your photo just gave me the idea ! Personally, I like the 3 tab model. Thanks !
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    Those 2 tanks appear to be the same. Monsterscooter is who I contaced today and they could not give me any info on shape or capicity. Thumbs up to Staton for detail photos and description. That tank is high on my consideration llist. If I don't find one local tomorrow, I'll be ordering one most likely.
    Thanks !

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    That's one of my bikes,yes.
    The Staton tank looks the same as TSG....his tank is recessed at the rear which is good for clearing the outrigger bearing.
    I got mine for AU$28(delivered to Australia) so give him a chance price wise.
    They all look good & very very similar but if your super keen on the 3 tab design then monsterscooterparts would be the way to go.
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    Thanks ! I think that tank is the same one that monsterscooter has also. I was told to call tomorrow before 3:00 and talk the the warehouse poele, that they might be able to answer my questions about size and capacity. They also have the best deal I've found so far. Less than $25.00 shipped here in the US.
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    You know, I really expected to hear from you. I would have been disappointed had I not. I'm going to shop a few places locally tomorrow, actually later today. If I don't find a tank in town, the tank you mentioned is the one I'm going to get. I see no problem what so ever in mounting that tank. 2 or 3 holes drilled wherever I need them. A few screws, washers, nuts and spacer tubes and Voila ! I'll acess the situation carefully before I start making holes. I might fab a bracket to mount it on. What ever I mount the tank and or bracket to on the bike, will be the same piece. You know what I have. My point is I'm not going to mount to the channel and the "U" bracket, the channel moves where the "U" bracket is held stationary. I plan on having to mount it strictly to the channel. Will most like likely fab a bracket to hold the weight of the tank rather than just 2 or 3 small screws. By the way, since we both have the same drive kit, how and where did you mount your tank ? Thanks !
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