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  2. this works best...


    it's an old gray sock I took the template from a gasket and made four layers...25 miles on it so far...
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    no, you need to have something in that space. that stuff will work for parts that fit flush. you need an actual piece of gasket material.
  4. Will Sock Burn?


    This is Mike from VA, college student at James Madison U. I recently had a local shop help install the engine on a chopper bike.

    Today I rode down a gravel road (not very rutted) and noticed that about a mile down my exhaust had come unscrewed and was FALLING OFF! I stopped and just took it off and rode home without it, going back later to pick it up(sh*t gets hot!) Any ideas on how to get this to stay on while driving on bumpy roads? 2 nuts instead of one?

    Will this sock method actually work or will the sock melt due to the constant heat?

  5. Edward

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    The sock's material will have a great deal to do with its durability. Cotton polyblend will not last, the sock in question appears to have been wool which has durability and some fire resistance. However Mr. Gasket Header Gasket material in the white sheets is not effective on these motors, being too thick, the material blows out the side. The mild steel gasket which I made, worked but eventually the lack of vibrationary insulation caused the exhaust studs to actually pull out of the head, threads and all. The standard green sheet gasket material has given good service on the other two bikes I currently use.
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    In response to the original query, intake side yes, exhaust side??? 500 degrees doesn't leave much wiggle room and we're talking about an open flame environment under pressure. That said, trying it out and reporting the results may present a new option for us all. Good luck.
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    I have used RTV high Temp with good results. Lay it on, bolt it down. Let it cure over night. You are done. Enjoy the ride...
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    oh...Also..Take some fuel and a paint brush and scrub that engine. Do not let it get so dirty like that. Keep your motor clean. Clean it once a month or so if you do a lot of riding like me. Enjoy the ride...
  9. I've had good luck with using high temp gasket material cut to fit and brass nuts on the exhaust studs. Loctite is also an idea for these engines, blue loctite should help the stock exhaust nuts stay on. You could also make a lower bracket to attach the muffler to the frame.
  10. Yeah It gets so dirty riding on the strreet and from the time my old gasket blew and oil shot out everywhere.
    However, 40 miles and still going on the sock-gasket
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    LOCKTITE!!!! IS YOUR FRIEND!!! also use the cork and rubber gasket material you can buy at your local auto supply shop 3it woks great I have over 1000 miles on my bike and it is still ticking :)

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    Hi , I cut the exaust gasket out of the same wheaties box , not really , . I used a piece of grey cardboard from a note pad, and so far its held. I did spray it with Copper Coat but thats really not for exaust but so far so good. I'm just lucky I guess. When the gasket blew out between the jug and the bottom end that caused it not to idel well . Thats because the intake goes thru the bottom and then in to the piston. It so nice to have it running right again I've been ridding everywhere.Most all the problems I've had have been gasket related. One time I did have the chain come off, in fact it came off a couple of times but all I did was adjust the roller adjuster tentioner or whatever its called and its bin fine. Well gotta roll Tom in WV
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    I haven't been here very long and maybe this has already been suggested.

    Have any of you guys tried VW preheat tube gaskets? I used them and they almost fit a 48cc jug perfectly. The one's I got said they fit 1960-'71 V Dubs. The bolt holes have to be elongated just a little and you'll want to check the big hole to make sure it matches your port. I think an 80cc engine has a rectangular port on the engine but the muffler has a round port so the gasket would match the muffler but not the port...but that's same the fit you already have. Here's a couple of pics of my 48cc.


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    Good one, George. Thanks.
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    I saw a thread on permatex gasket maker for the basegasket, I can't seem to find the post