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    O.K. I did my first mini ride on my gebe build and am having some problems with my clutch.

    I noticed even before I started the engine that there was a bit of drag with the rear wheel. I blew it off as new build tightness that will work itself off in a couple miles.
    No such luck. I seems to me the clutch bell isn't deep enough to accept the R/S eho35. Even sitting at a low idle I can feel grabbing at the belt. Not enough to move the wheel unless I lift the bike. Then it will spin the wheel at a slow speed.

    When I took off the clutch housing at home I noticed the clutch retaining bolts were grinding away on the inner part of the bell.

    When put together the plastic bell housing is flush with the engine, so my mounting is spot on.

    When I first seen the bell housing I received from gebe I was a little leery because it was about half as deep as the bell on my BMP friction drive.

    I haven't had a chance to call GEBE yet, but I suspect they sent me the wrong housing. My R/S eho35 is stock and new.

    My question is, if any one has built more than 1 gebe with different engines, are all housings/bells the same size?
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    I was able to get a picture of the inside of the bell. As you can, see the clutch shoe retaining bolts grind a groove into the bell.
    I would bet the clutch shoes can't even move out with increased speed because the bell is too small. There is no sign of contact on the outer edge of bell where the clutch would normally engage.

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    I would call GEBE and return the entire housing for exchange, if not right. Perhaps the housing is too narrow? Sounds very odd.

    I had a wheel creep/clutch grab problem with the T-33, but it was because the throttle cable was not allowing the throttle to fully close and the faster idle was causing the creep, which was easily fixed, though it still happens rarely.

    BTW, suggestion to use the JB Weld Stick stuff in the For What It Is Worth thread is outstanding.
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    As for the housing, it seems gebe makes their stuff with very tight tolerances. I was able, with a dremel, to shave a bit of metal off the clutch shoe mounting bolts so rubbing isn't a problem now.
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    GEBE likely has someone else doing it for them in Ann Arbor. Family operation and very good at service.

    Glad it is going well.