General announcement to all forum members from Anton and Damien !!!


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1:07 AM
Jul 23, 2020
Alamogordo, NM, USA
I just saw this announcement from browser makers that "could" or "might" effect our servers.

I have already PM'd Anton to find out if our servers are going to be affected by this.

I am putting out a general announcement to the membership to be aware of this situation if any of you are being notified to update your browsers and how that this might effect you in being able to access websites, possibly including ours as well, until Anton gives us the all clear...Robb

"Users of Chrome, Firefox and Edge, (browsers), have been warned to prepare for an update that could crash some of the most popular websites.

The three sites, (Or browsers), will move to version number “100,” and the transition could cause some of the web’s most-visited sites to fail."

Ps...The websites for T-Mobile, HBO Go and Yahoo! have already been experiencing this already, and I know that many of you are T-Mobile users when you connect to the forums.

From Anton and Damien