Get rid of some links in the chain?


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2:39 AM
Aug 6, 2008
Is this possible to get rid of some links on a chain that is already attached to my bike, or at least remove it and i do not have a chain tool or something like that. I have to do this because my motor would have to be way to high for the chain that i have now.
without a chain tool what you do is get a big flat screw driver and as hammer. put the chair on a piece of wood on the ground, put the screw driver in between the wide link that needs removed at an angle between the 2 narrow links and give it a good wack, should sepereate use your master link to link back together hope this helps works for me
I just saw a chain tool at WalMart the other day -- 5 bucks

might not be the best one made in the world -- but only 5 dollars

it's hard for me to believe -- I didn't even grab one !!!

come on Mountainman ---- ride that thing !!!
i just put a chisel in between the link, lay the chain on a solid piece of steal i use for bashing metal, and hit the chisel with hammer. Bery easy, and if i make a mistake, its easy to put the old links back on :p