Get the best out of your SACHS or ROTARY 30CC

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  1. Cheltok

    Cheltok New Member

    New carb

    I have two spartamet
    I have a third engine but no carb on it
    Due cost of new carb and no lucky trying to find a second hand I want to adapt a Chinese mini bike carb only 12€ new in eBay
    Some body knows how to make an adapter for the intake manifold reed valve?
    This is for a proyect in a city or mountain bike
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  2. Cheltok

    Cheltok New Member

    hi everybody
    can anybody tell my if a 299 is faster than 499?
    i have two spartamets
    i have change everything between two bikes exhaust, carb, ignition coil, cdi, and 299 is faster even with standard cdi 299 is more powerfull, the 299 climb a hill, the 499 don't even with a diy cdi
    i open the 499, engine and piston, ring, clutch, and a long etc are ok
    the only thing i cant change is the inlet valve cos the 499 comes with decompression valve (this one is checked too)
    sooooo i'm lost
    somebody knows something i don't????
  3. maxi

    maxi Guest

    Just need some help with a Rotary Ladybike carburettor. Pulled it apart to cleam ad the bike had not been used in years and was all full of gunk.
    All good except I have a little round spring that I do not know where it came from. A longer round spring came from under a plastic part with 3 retaining screws. The sgorter one I have no idea.
    Anybody has a drawing of all the parts?
    Thank you.
  4. jamon

    jamon New Member

    hello from where i can buy this kind of bike sachs 30cc ? who it is the manufacturer supplier ?
  5. jamon

    jamon New Member

    hello every one from where i can find sachs 30cc engine kit or the whole bike with CE certification to register it in eu like electric bicycle ?