Ghost Racer hardware confusion

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by guest, May 19, 2016.

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  1. guest

    guest Guest

    Are the correct and proper hardware fastener sizes for the ghost racer 7g engine kit listed anywhere? or can anyone tell me for sure what they?

    Seems to be a mix-match of english and metric? Specifically, the bolts that hold on the clutch and flywheel cover plate are very close in size but one seems to be a metric 6 x 20, & fits perfectly a metric allen wrench. The other (longer) ones fit a 3/16 allen wrench and are a bit longer but don't seem to want to properly fit any threaded holes.

    It sure would be nice to know for sure what goes where... Not so much a a peep about anywhere I can find.

  2. mbmystery

    mbmystery New Member

    I posted this a couple days ago. I can now confirm the hardware is mix/match metric & english. English size is 1/4 -28 threads per inch. I just found it odd that hardware of such similar size yet dissimilar formats would be used on one mounting bracket.

    Since then, Ive found another hardware mystery issue: A 5/8inch washer included in the bag of hardware for the clutch mounting. Nowhere I've found mentions this washer...
    Does it go behind or in front of the clutch? Anyone know?

    Even watching the vendor's own install video, the washer is clearly visible on the guy's workbench, but no mention. It vanishes in the video without so much as a peep about where it goes. Other bike builder videos also fail to mention it, and no where to be found in the PDF instructions either.

    These may seem like trivial matters, (and they are) but after so much time, money and anticipation I want to make dead sure it gets done right. Hard to believe there isn't any type of hardware inventory sheet, and clear, written hard copy paper instructions included with the engine kit. It's not the greatest thing in the world to have to keep going back to the computer to hunt and peck, & doublecheck each & every last little thing.